Turning a Crisis into an Opportunity

This week I will explain how to turn a PR crisis into an opportunity. It’s all about transparency and timing. Here are 5 quick tips to follow to make sure your next crisis doesn’t turn into a total disaster.

Be Genuine

There is nothing worse than an empty apology. One that seems like it was written by a robot or something. Speak from the heart. Let it be known that this is something you truly did not want to happen and you realize the effect it had on your customers. A genuine apology is always appreciated.

Respond Quickly 

In this day and age it is essential to respond quickly to any crisis. This keeps the public informed and reduces the likelihood of upsetting your customers. Crises that sit in the air for awhile without an answer or response can turn into huge social media disasters. If the issue is handled quickly and efficiently it will save a lot of stress in the long run.

Be Transparent 

Transparency is always the best option. If you try to hide something from your customers, they will find out. Just be honest and open, even if that means admitting to mistakes. It is much better than something coming out later or unexpectedly. Share as much as you can with your customers and it will be greatly appreciated.

Take Responsibility 

In the midst of a crisis, no one wants to hear you place the blame on someone else. Take responsibility for making a mistake, whether it was who you hired or where you decided to manufacture your product, the responsibility falls back on you. Own up to it and include that in your heartfelt apology. The public will respect you for it.

Offer Something in Return 

If possible, it’s always beneficial to offer something to the customer in return for the mistake you made. A free refund if it’s on a recall or a 25% off coupon are never rejected from the public. It can only add significance to your apology and it will make people realize their opinion does actually matter to you. To me, this is a nice cherry on top of a perfect apology.


And that’s all for this week!

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